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Kaita Mountain area



Kaita Mountain area in Murmansk Oblast, Russia. The mountains are split by deep canyons being home for high flora diversity and providing habitats for a number of rare and endangered species of plants and animals. West from the central part of the image, next to the canyons, there are old-growth pine forests on rocks (the mosaic of dark green and dark magenta). The magenta-crimson spot north to them is a fire scar after a forest fire in 20002002. The dark green spot to the northeast from the fire scar is a tract of remaining dark coniferous old-growth forests located around small Tashechnoe Lake. Another dark green tract of old-growth forests (mixed spruce and pine) is located in the northeastern corner of the image, eastwards of Vadozero Lake (the biggest lake in the image). The biggest part of old-growth forests in the area was clearcut some years ago you could see the light green spot with rectangular boundaries in the central and eastern parts of the image. The light green color indicates reforestation over an old logging area.

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Northern European Russia

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Landsat 8

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