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The so-called Southern Intact Forest Landscape



The so-called Southern Intact Forest Landscape (IFL) on the border of the Kirov Region and the Komi Republic, Russia. Most likely the landscape has formed at the place of a forest fire that occurred over 100 years ago. It is now mainly old-growth spruce and aspen forest (magenta-green), with remnants of old-growth fir and spruce forests (dark green) that predate the fire. It also contains a number of windfall areas of different ages (lines of bright green and light magenta within the landscape). Clearcuts penetrate the landscape from all sides. Unfortunately, valuable fir and spruce forests in the northern part of the landscape have already been destroyed by logging. The planned compromise between forest companies and environmental NGOs may help to save the rest of this IFL.

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Northern European Russia

Valuable nature areas

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Landsat 8

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