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Hailuoto Island



Hailuoto Island on the rising (post-glacial rebound) coast of the Gulf of Bothnia (Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland). Old shorelines are clearly visible in the northern part of the island, along the current shoreline. Areas south of the shoreline are occupied by lichen-dominated (Cladonia) pine forests (grayish green), which in places are heavily disturbed by clearcuts (pink, white, and light blue rectangular areas). Croplands are represented by white and yellow areas in the central part of the island, while open reed marshes are shown in magenta. A transitional mire (white, grayish green, and magenta) is located southeast of the open marshes. At the westernmost tip of the island, there are protected sand dunes, characterized by unique vegetation (magenta with light blue). In the southern part of the island, coastal meadows (pink and magenta) and shallow waters (blue) follow the shoreline. In this image, boundaries between different landowners (mainly small private owners) are clearly visible in the landscape structure.

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Valuable nature areas

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Landsat 8

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Transparent World

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