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Large wetland areas in northern Komi



The confluence of the Usa and Pechora Rivers in the Komi Republic, Russia, south of the town of Usinsk. The river valleys are wide, with many river branches, meanders, lakes, and wetlands. Bare sands and eutrophic mires are indicated by distinctive shades of magenta and white. There is a plenty of wetland areas (greyish green, yellowish green, bright green, magenta, turquoise, and blue) on the sides of the valleys too. These wetlands represent a variety of wetland types with complex structures. A particularly large area of wetland is located east of the point where the two rivers meet. Here most of the forests are disturbed by logging. These include young coniferous and deciduous forests (green), as well as several fire scars (pink or light blue). Fir and spruce forests east of the rivers seem slightly less disturbed.

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Northern European Russia

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