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Manamansalo Island in the Oulujarvi Lake



Manamansalo Island in the Oulujärvi Lake in Kainuu Province, central Finland. The island is formed by glaciofluvial sands. The forests of the island have mainly history of heavy manipulation, and are mostly secondary of their origin. Older age classes of mature pine forests are to found in the esker-landscape of northwestern part of the island. Geometrically straight boundaries of stands, clearly visible in the image, indicate both land-ownership boundaries and former logging history. The biggest white spot on the island, also with rectangular boundaries, is a drained, barren open mire. Although the terrestrial ecosystems of the island have been seriously transformed by human activities on greater part of the island, the open water areas (deep blue) surrounding Manamansalo (Ärjänselkä and Niskanselkä) belong to the widest open freshwater areas in whole of Finland. The bright-blue areas along the island´s shorelines indicate shallow waters along sandy beaches (white and pink).

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